Murder Mystery Trains 2018

Murder Mystery

A murder has been committed, can you help solve the mystery.
Travel through rural Leicestershire countryside on your steam hauled dining train and solve the clues to identify the killer.

Enjoy a 3-course * meal and a good selection of drinks as the plot unfolds.
The evening starts at 7:00pm at Shackerstone Station, where complementary drinks will be served before the scene is set in the Station.
You will then board the train for your journey along the line where the investigation continues. On return to Shackerstone Station the murderer will be identified.

26th May - A First Class Murder

The year is 1930… the renowned international business man Mustafa Leek has been found murdered in bathroom of the Station Hotel suit. Fortunately, the famous Detective Hercule Smith is on hand to save the day. But who did it? The Lord of the manor? The renowned novelist? Perhaps it is the champion racing driver or even his beautiful fiancé
Join the World’s most famous detective and help him as he discovers the truth!

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30th June - A Holiday to Die For!

“Napplins Camping Capers”
Welcome to Napplins. 1952!
Ted Crust, entertainment manager at Napplins has been asked by his boss Clinton Strong to organise a murder mystery on board the Napplin’s Special bringing the Happy campers to Gladdington-on-sea. Ted quickly gathers a crack team of yellow coat entertainers who each take on a character in the epic story “Murder on the Napplins Special”!

* The food for this evening is traditional Fish & Chips to keep in with the holiday spirit.

18th August - Murder on the Bosworth Express

The date is 1930.
Join a whole group of distinguished continental guests as they board the Bosworth Express…
When popular Millionaire Augusta Wynd is found murdered in his private carriage, Detective Hercule Smith takes up the case and everyone onboard the famous train is a suspect.
Come along and help Hercule solve the mystery.

8th September - What the Dickens! There's been a MURDER

Ever wondered where Charles Dickens got his ideas from? Its 1843… A body found bobbing in the Thames, an Orphan found with the dead man’s watch! His business partner due to profit greatly from his demise and a villainous criminal who knows a dark secret about the dead man. The Bow street runners assign their best officer to the case, but can the fledging Inspector solve the crime?
Join a whole group of iconic Dickens characters as they board the Dickensian Express…

All tickets must be pre-booked in advance. A menu will be sent out after you have made your booking for you to choose from.

Seating Arrangements in the Dining Car

The dining tables seat four people. As they are from a bygone era, the seating arrangement is cosy. If you are booking for less than four people, be aware that you may have other diners at your table. We hope that you will see it as a chance to make new friends.

Ticket Prices

Table for Two   £110.00
Table for Four  £210.00
Single seat       £  60.00

* A Holiday to Die For Prices

Table for Two   £100.00
Table for Four  £190.00
Single seat       £  55.00

All include a complementary drink at the start of the event, food, travel and the performance.

Access for those with mobility issues

Due to the historic design of our carriages, with their narrow doors and gangways, it is not possible to accommodate wheelchairs on the train. It is also important to note that passengers with mobility issues will need to climb up or down a step to get into or out of the train. For those who can walk a short distance, wheelchairs can be folded and carried in the brake van. To avoid problems on the day of the visit, we strongly advise those with mobility issues seek advice from our office before booking.

Food allergies and intolerances

Please let us know of any food allergies or intolerances you or your guests may have when booking your dining experience. We are keen to accommodate alternative diets whenever possible. Please email your requirements.

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