Ever dreamed of being 'A Steam Engine Driver?' Well here's your chance to take the controls!

We offer a number of different steam driver experiences for you to try

So what does it involve? On arriving at Shackerstone Station you will be escorted to the locomotive to meet the rostered crew for the day. Here you will be given an introduction to the railway and briefed on safety on and about the locomotive.

Silver Experience

After an initial familiarisation with the engine and its controls you will take it on a light engine trip down the line. During this you will learn how to drive and fire the locomotive.
On return to Shackerstone Station the trainee receives a certificate and a pass to travel on the railway for the rest of the day.

Gold Experience

On return to Shackerstone you will couple your locomotive to a rake of carriages and then take them along the whole length of the railway, to Shenton Station, and back.
The trainee may be joined on the train by up three other friends or family. Food and drink is included for the trainee and the three guests.
The trainee receives a certificate. Both guests and trainee receive a pass to travel on the railway for the rest of the day.
Additional friends or family can also travel and have food at an additional cost.


Gold Experience

Silver Experience

Footplate Ride 

If you only want a taster of what it is like to be on the footplate, why not have a Footplate Ride. Travel in the cab and watch the driver and fireman as they operate the locomotive along the line. These are available on most steam operating days when booked in advanced.


Full return journey       £55.00
Single journey             £35.00

More Information

If you would like more details on the footplate experiences please email us with your details.
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