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Have you ever wanted to travel on a diesel locomotive? Do you know someone who is train mad and would love a gift with a difference?

Why not purchase a voucher for a diesel cab ride and travel with our locomotive crew along the length of The Battlefield Line Railway. Choose from either our silver (one-way) or gold (return) options, and we will then be in touch to scheule your ride at a convenient time. Participants must be over 18, in good health, and wear suitable clothing/footwear - please remember that diesel engines are rather dirty and can stain clothing.

In 2021 we have the class 20 and 33 available - but both are subject to on the day availability.

After purchasing a voucher, a member of the office team will be in touch to schedule your cab ride on a convenient date. Should you wish to travel on the train at any other point in the day, a standard train ticket must be purchased separately. 

Diesel Cab Ride

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